BENTON, Ark. – Back-to-school shopping is leaving a dent in many wallets this year as inflation rises and that has some parents looking high and low for the best and cheapest bargains.

Duck Duck Goose consignment store is holding an event at the Benton Event Center for shoppers to partake in bargain deals. 

Manager for Duck Duck Goose, Amber Sanders says she hopes the sale helps parents who are struggling this year. 

“People are saying what a blessing it is to come here like I said great things when groceries are triple what they are,” said Sanders.

Jessica Sanders, mother of one drove from Sheridan to Benton to shop at the sale and says every year sales like this help with back-to-school shopping but it’s especially important this year. 

“You can get so many different options for your child to choose from and they don’t feel like they’re missing out on something and you don’t feel like you broke the bank on something,” said Sanders. 

However, for Hot Springs mom of one, Kimberly Dewitt she says back-to-school shopping this school year is not in her budget

“This year with the rise in food prices, gas prices, everything else it’s just really been too much,” said Dewitt. 

Dewitt says her daughter who is in high school will have to reuse items when school starts back up. 

“[We have] binders and some leftover pens and paper from last year, we also found a thing of 100 sheets of paper we can use,” said Dewitt. 

Dewitt hopes to save money to set aside so that when she has enough she and her daughter can go thrifting.