LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Stained ceilings and soaked carpets are things plumbers have been seeing plenty of these past few days, after winter storms and freezing temperatures wreaked havoc on people’s pipes. “It’s been quite a busy week for us,” said Dustin Smith, a plumber with Superior Plumbing and Rooting.

The aftermath of winter storms has plumbers flooded with calls, as frozen pipes burst and homes start to flood. Smith and his team have been hitting the road nonstop from Conway to Little Rock for a week. “Since last Monday,” Smith said, “we’ve been running till about 8, 9:00 every night.” 

Some of the most common issues he’s been seeing are busted or frozen pipes and frozen drain traps, which cause water to overflow. “P-traps that actually hold the water in the drains on exterior walls have frozen and have caused backups,” Smith explained. 

But even after the thaw, problems keep popping up and Superior has been on the move with no end in sight. “[We’ve been] getting people’s water at least temporarily turned back on, cap something off if necessary, getting flooding to stop,” said Smith.

He and his team have a list of calls from last Wednesday and beyond and are doing what they can at each location before moving on to the next case.

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