City Attorney memo sheds light on lawsuits filed on LRPD chief

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LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – A memorandum from Little Rock City Attorney reveals new details into the city investigation into lawsuits around Police Chief Keith Humphrey. 

On Monday, the 12-page long memo was sent by City Attorney Tom Carpenter to Mayor Frank Scott Jr. and the city board of directors. 

The memo talks about the lawsuits against Humphrey. As of Thursday, there have been five lawsuits filed against him by nine current LRPD officers and one civilian employee. 

In the memo, Carpenter says it would be a conflict of interest for him to represent the Chief and city. 

He then starts talking about separate lawsuits filed by Assistant Police Chiefs Alice Fulk and Hayward Finks, both claiming the Chief has retaliated against them.

According to Carpenter, “allegations in the two lawsuits suggest the real goal is not to remedy an employment relationship but to terminate the Police Chief.”

He later calls that a “political end.” 

It’s a statement that has two city board of directors divided.

“In my opinion, it could set a strange precedence that if you had a Chief that you didn’t like and didn’t want there, here’s the roadmap to get rid of that person,” said Ken Richardson, who represents Ward 2.

City Board of Director Lance Hines has a different opinion.

“I continue to think that our Mayor and his administration refuse to act on what the issue is and they want to dirty up as many other people,” Hines said, who represents Ward 5.

Carpenter also talks about a city investigation into a dash camera video, which was released earlier this month by a police department source. 

The video shows Humphrey’s car parked outside a job candidate’s house. City records later revealed the same candidate lied on their application – and the chief pushed it ahead as a top applicant. 

According to Carpenter, the video was downloaded on Assistant Chief Fulk’s computer, but it was done through Lt. Christina Plummer’s account, who is also suing the Chief.

According to Hines, that shouldn’t be part of the city investigation. 

“At some point, it looks like maybe the person doing it is a whistleblower,” Hines said.  “This has to do with a Police Chief who appears to be making bad decisions.”

Richardson had a different take on that investigation. 

“I just think the release of it could lend itself to being an orchestrated effort to get rid of the Police Chief,” Richardson explained. 

Both directors agree all they can do is ask questions and the only one who can act is the Mayor.   

The Mayor declined to comment. 

Last week the Mayor called for an independent review of the police department and said more details were coming. When asked for an update, a spokeswoman for the Mayor said there wasn’t one yet. 

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