City of Little Rock drafts executive order requiring citizens to wear masks in public places

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LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — Big news out of the Capital City Mayor Frank Scott Jr. announced the city attorney is drafting an executive order that will require face coverings inside public places.

Some people say the ordinance is too much, while others say this is much needed to help stop the spread of COVID19.

“I’ve asked the city attorney to draft an executive order to require face coverings in public spaces,” Mayor Frank Scott Jr. said.

An ordinance requiring people to wear face masks in public places is in the works for the City of Little Rock.

Mayor Frank Scott made the announcement on Wednesday.

“Very similar to our curfew, many times we have to move from just asking, and encouraging, we have to share that it’s important enough to make it an order. important enough to make it a policy, and this is a city policy and directive. To really encourage and ask our residents that we have to begin to wear a mask,” Mayor Frank Scott Jr. said.

We spoke to people in the River Market about the upcoming change.

“It’s a big complicated because it is hot, it feels like an inconvenience to have a wear a face mask now but at the same time there is a rising case of Coronavirus so it’s kind of selfish to say I don’t wanna wear a mask,” Christian Ortega said.

“It’s too much and it’s too hot I just feel like If you are being social distanced I get it stuff travels but if we are just going to go to these lengths then just lock us back down then,” Landon Sims said.

On Tuesday, city council members in Fayetteville passed a similar ordinance.

During his daily briefing, Governor Asa Hutchinson was asked about the changes in Fayetteville.

“I would discourage other cities from stepping out there and there is some conflict between what the city of Fayetteville did and the executive orders we have issued,” he said.

“We want a coordinated approach. We don’t want a hodgepodge of different types of ordinances in the state. That has been the objective of our directives and we will continue to look at our own directives and to see if there are ways we can strengthen the messaging we have to Arkansans that this is important,” he said.

Mayor Frank Scott Jr. also announced a new campaign called, “Keep covered, Keep your Distance.” The campaign will he saw all over the city encouraging people to wear a face mask and remain socially distant in order to slow the spread of COVID-19

The mayor has not said when the ordinance will go into effect.

The mayor also announced the Little Rock Police Department will no longer allow chokeholds to restrain a suspect.

The Little Rock Police Department does not train officers to use chokeholds. Officers are trained to use vascular neck restraints as a defensive tactic.

Scott announced that he would sign an order banning vascular neck restraints.

You can watch the full conference below.

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