Clarksville animal shelter rescues 19 dogs from Hurricane Ida

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CLARKSVILLE, Ark. – In the wake of Hurricane Ida, recovery efforts continue throughout Louisiana in the aftermath of the storm. But thanks to the daring rescue made by one Clarksville animal shelter, almost 20 dogs were evacuated before the cyclone arrived.

Needy Paws Animal Shelter made the 14-hour roundtrip rescue after seeing a post on Facebook from Every Paw Rescue in Ville Platte, Louisiana.

The animal rescue was in the direct path of hurricane Ida and needed a place to shelter their pups. After a previous option fell through, Needy Paws stepped up.

“I was just watching the ones that I knew were in the area and I saw her plea for help,” Meaghan Childers with Needy Paws explained. “I asked the board if we could do something and seven hours later, they were on the road.”

Cory Maag was one of those who made the grueling overnight trip. Originally, the plan was to bring home trucks full of just over a dozen dogs, with Magg explaining, “our plan was just to come back with 12.” But the count went up once volunteers arrived, and a total of 19 dogs were brought back to Clarksville, one of them being a surprise extra that was originally unaccounted for.

That pup was aptly named “Ida”. The Clarksville team left just in time, only a few hours away from the hurricane making landfall.

But the shelter didn’t act alone. Community volunteers stepped up to make the drive, unload dogs, and even construct additional outside housing for the pups to stay in. “[When we returned,]” Magg said, “the parking lot was packed and there was over 30 people waiting.”

Visitors have been dropping off donations nearly every day, with water, dog food, and other items being stored at the shelter for the two dozen additional guests.

All 19 of the pups are up for adoption or will be soon, as well as those animals already in Clarksville before the hurricane.

The shelter is also looking for volunteers to help walk dogs, and any extra supplies people are willing to donate.

For more information on Needy Paws, visit their website HERE

And to help Every Paws Rescue in Louisiana, check them out HERE

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