CLARKSVILLE, Ark. – Clarksville fire crews were called to the Best Western hotel at around 2:20 pm after they received reports that the motel has caught fire. 

According to a press release, when they arrived, they noticed flames coming for the south roof. 

No physical injuries were reported but one family, they are mentally crushed. 

Fox16 News interviewed the Lackey family on July 7th, a day after their home in Plainview caught fire. 

After the early July house fire, they began living at the Best Western Sherwood Inn in Clarksville which burned down on July 29th.  

“It’s just sad. I feel like I’m going to throw up,” said Burgandy Lackey, the mother of the family of 11 who were staying in rooms 208, 209, and 210 at the Best Western. 

“We hadn’t even gotten over that yet and for this to happen it just seems…like a shock”, said Burgandy. 

Lackey says her kids are traumatized and don’t feel safe living anywhere after going through yet another devastating fire where they lay their heads. 

“I’m never going to feel safe letting my kids sleep in another room now.”

Those who work near the Best Western Inn in Clarksville say it was a small amount of time before the cloud of smoke they saw at first turned into horrific flames. 

Alisa Lackey, Burgandy’s daughter says she heard banging on her door from housekeepers telling them to get out.  

The father of the Lackey family, David says his emotions were bouncing everywhere.

When his house in Plainview burned, he was thankful his family was safe. But after the Best Western fire, he says it just seems like luck won’t come his family’s way.

At this time fire crews don’t know what caused the fire.  They say it could take a few days to determine.