Clinton High School teacher uses TikTok to connect with her students

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CLINTON, Ark. – Teachers are getting creative when it comes to connecting to their students during remote learning. One Clinton High School math teacher is jumping on the latest social media craze to create content her students can really relate to.

Victoria Bartolotta has been teaching for eight years but now has to find a new way to reach her students. 

“Right now I see 20 empty seats and it is incredibly sad to me that I can be with them,” Bartolotta said.

Before school got shut down, she said her students always asked her to make a TikTok account or get in their videos so she decided she’d use the social media platform to connect with her kids. She finds ways to use the popular sounds and latest trends to teach during this time.

“Change them, tweak them and make it work for my classroom and my kids,” Bartolotta said.

She doesn’t claim to be the biggest influencer on the app.

“I look like a geek and I really look like a big geek right now which I’m proud of that I’m okay with that,” Bartolotta said.

Her videos are more about reaching students even behind the screen.

“It allows me to fill that you know not just the educational side of me but you know that teacher mom that I feel like I need to be,” Bartolotta said.

With each like and comment, she knows she’s taking her kids out of reality even if it’s just for 60 seconds.

“Either they’re rolling their eyes on the other end of that phone or they’re smiling and laughing either way I’m good with that. It brought them some kind of joy,” Bartolotta said.

Bartolotta said she is hooked so these videos will continue even when students are back in the classroom.

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