CONWAY, Ark. – The Conway community put feet to the pavement this weekend, as the search continues for 14-year-old Tanvi Marupally.

“We can be the ones to bring her home,” Conway mom and organizer, Jenny Wallace said.

In the heart of Conway, a group stood together for one purpose.

“We want to show the family that we are supporting them, we want to plead with God to give us any tips to lead us towards her,” Wallace said.

Tanvi Marupally went missing Jan 17.

“We know that she was upset, she didn’t get on her bus to come home because she was upset about the possibility of having to move, but Tanvi is brilliant, she is kind, and she is a good girl, Tanvi would be home,” Wallace stated.

For the last three weeks, neighbors have been searching high and low for the teenager, those efforts continued this weekend.

Jenny Wallace and many others pulled out maps, assigning people where to go, and also to ask people in the neighborhoods to check their cameras for any sign of Tanvi.

“Every time someone has checked something, they can just go put their address in or checked a video, put your address in so we can find the holes because that is the most important thing,” Wallace stated.

The family was hoping the teenager would show up to her A-C-T test Saturday, the one event she was looking forward to.

The morning came and went… no sign of Tanvi.

“You know it seems illogical, but we just had so much hope that maybe she would show up this morning because that’s who she is and it’s just been a hard day,” Wallace stated.

Wallace said she prays with each gathering, the closer they can get to reuniting with her family.

“Any tips whatsoever, we just are desperate for the community to help us find her,” Wallace said.

Wallace said she encourages everyone that if you see something to say something.

If so, contact the Conway Police Department immediately.