DEWITT, Ark. – A loud ringing noise will be the sound that will soon fill a small Arkansas town due to a new crypto mining facility coming to town.

On Tuesday, community members in Dewitt spoke out against the facility at a concerned citizens meeting. Some of the main concerns include the noise and environmental impact the facility might have on the area.

When they gathered, they discussed research they had done on crypto mining as well as discussing what they could do to stop it legally.

Arkansas law regulates digital asset mining and offers legal protections. It also recognizes things like cryptocurrency mining sites as data centers.

The text of the law said data centers like these will create jobs, pay taxes and help local economies.

Many of the community members in DeWitt said they couldn’t disagree more.

“We are concerned about environmental issues, the water issue, the conservation with our wildlife, toxic, and the noise pollution,” community member Belvia Rodgers said. “Actually, the end goal at this point would be a called session by the governor to stop it.”

“This is just our home and this thing as it stands right now is still coming in and we are going to defend it,” Jackie Johnson said “Our legislators are not standing up for us, our governor sure isn’t and we aren’t going to let it down.”

The group said they have created a petition that they are trying to get signatures for a special session in the legislature to amend the law. They have to have the signatures turned in to the Capitol by Friday.

The group said they will continue to have meetings every Tuesday night at 6 p.m. in DeWitt.