PERRY COUNTY, Ark – A Perry County Detention Center inmate is now back behind bars after the Sheriff’s Office says a jailer let her out of the facility Friday. 

Perry County Sheriff Scott Montgomery says Assistant Jailer Abby Strange was leaving for the day Friday when she disabled the alarm system and handed the cell keys over to inmate Sandra Rappold. 

Montogomery says a dispatcher on duty noticed Rappold was missing after realizing the cell door was open. The two were arrested and the jailer now faces criminal charges. 

“She had no business being a jailer,” said James Spaul who lives in Perry County. 

The community says they’re concerned after hearing the news, but more so because of what Rappold was in jail for in the first place. 

Defense Attorney Bill James says Rappold is allegedly the same woman charged in a 2020 murder in Bigelow. Rappold is charged with first-degree murder, abuse of a corpse arson and tampering with evidence. 

“To let someone out that you know is in there for murder, that just shouldn’t have happened,” said Christy Shaw who lives in Perry County. 

Shaw says she knew the man who was killed in 2020. According to authorities Rappold confessed to killing Steve Fason and burning his house. They say she later admitted to moving Fason’s body to a dump. 

“We were kind of all shocked,” said Shaw.

“You get crazy people; they do crazy stuff,” said Spaul. 

The Perry County Sheriff’s Office says the jailed was fired. Strange is also now facing felony charges of impairing the operation of a vital public facility, first-degree permitting escape and furnishing. possessing, or using prohibited articles. 

‘It makes you wonder, if she is able to, who else is?,” said Shaw.