Community reacts after Sunday night shooting in Hot Springs leaves 4 people injured

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HOT SPRINGS, Ar. — We continue to learn more about the shooting in Hot Springs that injured four people, including the suspect.

Police confirm that several rounds hit the back of a house nearby but the people inside at the time were not hurt. In the meantime, people who are frequently in the area where the shooting happened, said something needs to change. 

“Now I’m concerned, parking over here what’s going to happen,” a woman who works nearby, Christina Tucker said. 

Tucker is worried about her safety after the latest shooting in the city.

Hot Springs police said four people were shot Saturday night. Two of the victims were found at this apartment complex on Lowery Street. 

Later, the other two were found at a local hospital. One of them, 31-year-old Patrick Franklin, was identified by police as the suspect and arrested. 

“It was no surprise,” Tucker said. “It was more like who was involved this time in it because really there’s always something going on.” 

Tucker works in the IndianDale Center in Hot Springs. She said there’s always something going on in the area, at all types of hours of the night. 

Tucker works in the Indiandale Center in Hot Springs. She says there’s always something going on in the area.

“I’m always worried that maybe one day I’m going to come out and be in the middle of something or something might happen,” Tucker said. 

Tucker isn’t the only person concerned. 

“I said and I believe we should find a resolve to our conflict other than gun violence,” Stop The Violence Coalition Community leader Jackie Ferguson said. 

Now two local coalitions, Stop The Violence and U.N.I.T.Y are speaking out following this latest incident. 

“We want to reach our youth but yet we want to stop the violence that’s happening and we take it seriously,”

Hot Springs City Manager, Bull Burrough said. 

As they hope to have more programs, Tucker said she’s doing what she can to keep herself safe. 

“I’m always worried about what can I do to protect myself and the only thing we can carry is mace. So I do have mace with me,” Tucker said. 

Police said Franklin is facing terroristic acts and battery charges. The investigation is ongoing. No update on the victim’s condition.

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