PULASKI Co., Ark. – The Grove Center, a food pantry and thrift store in Oak Grove, caught fire early Tuesday morning. The contents were a loss. Community members said they hope something good comes out of this.

“It helps a lot of people in the community,” said Misty Zajac, who lives nearby. “We were just heartbroken.”

Nicholas Scarbrough is the board president for Community Thrive 365, the nonprofit that runs the building. 

“Typically, there would be people coming in shopping for food today,” Scarbrough said. “It’s pretty sorrowful to have to tell people and show people we’ve had an accident, an incident.”

Scarbrough said the organization plans to use a smaller building in the back of the property as a temporary pantry. Local churches have volunteered to store food, he said.

The group is accepting donations and non-perishable food items. “It may just be a setback, but it’ll be bigger and better than it was,” Zajac said.