Compassionate mother, daughter in need of help finding homes for dozens of dogs dumped on property

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PULASKI COUNTY, Ark. – More than 50 acts of compassion have turned into an out-of-control situation. At least 31 dogs and 14 puppies have been dumped at an elderly woman’s home in Pulaski County now, the woman and her daughter are in desperate need of help.

It’s a house with a Cabot mailing address, but it falls within Pulaski County.

It’s a place where dozens and dozens of dogs have been dumped, leaving one woman and her daughter overwhelmed.

Diane Bullock is 81 years old.

She says the dumping started shortly after the pandemic started.

“They started coming,” Bullock said.

She couldn’t turn them away.

“I felt in my heart, I couldn’t see these dogs starving,” she said.

Diane and her daughter feed the dogs before they feed themselves.

“My daughter’s mad at me because I’ve lost so much weight,” Bullock said. “I can get by on peanut butter and marshmallow.”

Diane says she’s called multiple agencies for help.

“I’ve called everybody,” she said.

But can’t find anyone willing to take on her case

“The animal control says we’re not going down there, we’re not even gonna bother with you, that’s your problem,” she said.

She doesn’t want money.

“I need a home for these babies,” Bullock said. “If somebody’s gonna take them and kill them, I couldn’t deal with that.”

Bullock just wants to give the dogs the kind of life she simply can’t offer.

“They even get Rice Krispies when I run out of dog food,” Bullock said.

If you or someone you know would like to give one of these dogs a loving home, here’s how you can help: 

KARK/ FOX 16 has partnered with a local veterinarian who is working on a plan to safely remove the dogs from the home.  

There are several ways you can help. 

To donate money: 

Checks can be sent to the following address: 
Eubanks Animal Clinic 
511 S First St. 
Jacksonville, AR 72076


If you’d prefer to send money electronically, Eubanks Animal Clinic has opened an account specifically to help Ms. Bullock and the dogs. You can send money using PayPal to:

To donate dog food and/or dog supplies: 

Please drop off or ship any dog food and/or dog supplies to the Eubanks Animal Clinic (see above for address). 

You don’t have to drop off the food or supplies during business hours. The animal clinic will have bins set outside for those donations. 

To adopt a dog: 

The Eubanks’ are actively working on a plan to safely remove the dogs from the home. The plan is to host an adoption event at their clinic in Jacksonville in the later part of next week. Once we know when the adoption event will take place, we’ll have that information posted here.  

Also, there will not be a re-homing fee. The dogs themselves will be available to you at no cost. 

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