Concern Raised in Arkansas Over Pregnant Women Using Pot

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NORTHWEST ARKANSAS – More pregnant women are using post, according to a recent study by CNN.

As we’re getting closer to medical marijuana being accessible here in the Natural State, Northwest Arkansas doctors share their thoughts about women using marijuana while pregnant.

“We are seeing that Marijuana use is increasing significantly,” said Dr. Scott Bailey, President, Parkhill Clinic for Women.

More moms-to-be are using marijuana during pregnancy in California, jumping from around 12% to close to 22%, according to CNN.

“As medicine, yes it absolutely helps with nausea. It helps with depression, anxiety and many of the conditions that go along with stress during pregnancy,” said Dr. Tammy Tucker Post, Family Medicine.

Post, a medical doctor in Springdale, said she believes using pot during pregnancy is a good option to fight symptoms.

“I’m not giving medical advice for people to use Cannabis when pregnant since there’s still some unknowns. But I personally believe there’s no harm in that, and we need to relook at the science and the laws,” explained Post.

However, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention cautions using pot while pregnant saying it could lead to low birth weight and developmental problems.

But Post said most research wasn’t done with just weed.

“There’s no birth defects, there’s no difference in birth weight. But they weren’t pulling out the variables for alcohol, options and smoking cigarettes,” explained Post.

With research still unclear, Dr. Scott Bailey, President of Parkhill Clinic for Women, said it’s just too early to tell.

“We don’t know how marijuana effects pregnancy, and we don’t know how marijuana effects the growing fetus.”

Bailey added, it’s important to know the effects of anything you use while pregnant.

“You’re putting something into your system that we know passes to the baby.. and we have no idea the effect it makes..that makes us nervous,” said Bailey.

Only time will tell what the effect marijuana will have on babies will have. 

“Over the period of time, there are women who are going to use marijuana and we’ll see how those children do,” said Bailey.

Post believes marijuana will someday be a serious option for some Arkansas moms.

“A well informed, educated mom who uses it safely with certain perimeters.. I think could be a possibility,” said Post.

It’s important to note, using marijuana is against federal law.

So, if you’re drug tested in the hospital and it shows up positive, your child could be taken away from you.

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