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Concerns Over Several Brain Tumors Reported In Rural Lonoke County

RURAL LONOKE COUNTY, Ark. - A group of men diagnosed with a similar type of rare brain tumor say they have more than that in common. 

They say they all grew up in the same rural Lonoke County community. 

They say family, friends, and others in the community also have, and had, brain tumors. 

It wasn't until a few days ago they started connecting the dots and noticing most of the tumors were coming from around the same area. 

Ray Lambert, Jeremy Guenther, and Scott Hubble have much more in common than they wish. All three have been diagnosed with brain tumors in the last few years at a fairly young ages. 

They also grew up in Lonoke County, outside of Austin. As childhood friends, Jeremy and Ray lived across the street from each other. 

Jeremy says he had brain surgery for a tumor a few years ago. He didn't think his tumor was connected to his hometown until he got back in contact with Ray. They realized they had the same rare diagnosis. 

"We end up with the same tumor. The same side of the brain," said Jeremy. "My ex-stepdad had a brain tumor, I had a brain tumor, and Ray had a brain tumor. We all lived within 100 yards of each other." 

Concerned, Jeremy posted on Facebook asking if anyone else in the area had a tumor. That's how they met Scott. 

"I grew up a quarter mile down the road," Scott said. 

Scott says he had his second brain surgery within the last month. 

Ray's says he hasn't had brain surgery, but says his doctors are monitoring his tumor. He still lives in the area and is concerned it could be coming from something in the environment. 

"If it were just me I'd pick up and go but I have my whole family out here," said Ray. 

They worry about the mystery that surrounds what could have caused these rare brain tumors in Lonoke County. 

'There's too many similarities and brain tumors are too rare in order for all of us to come up with them in our area," said Jeremy. 

They say over the last few days they have talked to at least 23 people that live in that area that have been diagnosed with brain tumors. 

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