SALINE COUNTY, Ark – One of the Metro’s biggest road construction projects could be pushed back, keeping cones in place a little while longer.

ARDOT says work is slightly behind schedule on its I-30 widening project in Saline County. Its original completion date was set for March of 2023. AR-DOT’s Dave Parker says that could be pushed back a few months.

“Getting into a huge project like that one and you realize that maybe there are some things you hadn’t anticipated,” said Parker.

ARDOT says weather and overall size of the project have contributed to the delay.

Meanwhile, drivers are stuck waiting.

“Population has grown, traffic has grown and it’s past due,” said Saline County driver Brenda Pelton.

Pelton has been driving on Saline County roads since she was a teenager. She says a lot has changed since then.

“25-30 years ago I could get on and go from 229 to Benton and never see a car,” said Pelton.

Pelton says the longer construction goes on, the more confident drivers become, sometimes too confident.

“It’s the speeders, it’s the people on their cell phones and just generally not paying attention,” said Pelton.

Pelton says she drives I-30 in Saline County at least five days a week and many times she is put in a dangerous situation.

“Improper lane changes, people almost sideswiping me,” said Pelton.

Pelton and ARDOT leaders are now asking drivers to remain patient.

Pelton says it is a longer wait than expected but she says the payoff will be worth it.

“It needs to be done so bad,” said Pelton. “I don’t care that it’s going long because I know it’s going to be good in the end.”

ARDOT says the project will likely be completed late Spring 2023 or early Summer.