LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – A massive crane for construction in Downtown Little Rock, has people wondering what is going on.

Natasha Bradford works in the area and owns Fortune Francos Candles.

“I saw the huge trash can floating, floating in the air, so I just spend a lot of time watching to see what was actually going on,” Bradford said.

She takes breaks at the pocket park, which is right next to the construction.

“When it’s a good day out and you just walk, I think the architecture out here is really stellar,” Bradford said.

When asked what she thinks is going on Bradford said she had no idea.

It’s construction on the Boyle Building, the soon-to-be home of the attorney general’s office. Ricardo Guttirez works on the building.

“We’re going floor by floor and we’re doing all remodeling,” Guttirez said.

The crane stretches tall to reach all 12 floors, yet Guttirez said they may need a bigger one.

Construction is causing people to alter their path home some, especially if they live or park near the building, but Bradford said it doesn’t bother her much.

“I really haven’t noticed a big crowd of people who detour, but it’s lovely coming out here I still see people walking by,” Bradford said.

The construction is happening on the corner of West Capitol Avenue and Main Street. Capitol Avenue is blocked off between Main Street and South Louisiana Street.

The renovations are expected to be done in late 2024.