SALINE COUNTY, Ark. – Controversy in Saline County has sparked again over a new billboard.

The most recent one found off I-30 reads, “God Created Only Two Genders.”

Transgender woman Jessica Disney explained her first thoughts after seeing the billboard.

“I think one of my first thoughts is that really it’s sad to me,” Disney said.

Saline County Republican Committee Chair David Gibson said it was a group of Christian conservatives who were behind the sign, though the committee agrees with it and points to two specific reasons.

“Number one, we are called to go and tell,” Gibson said. “Number two, what we’re doing, we’re doing in love and just because someone disagrees with you, it doesn’t mean that they’re hateful.”

Both Disney and Gibson point back to the first book in the Bible for their reasonings.

“From the beginning with Genesis, God created a complex and beautiful world, so it wasn’t just the creation of these two genders men and women, but it was also the creation of day and night, land and sea, flying birds and swimming fish,” Disney said.

Gibson, on the other hand, said the topic is simple.

“Genesis 1:27 speaks to this,” he said. “It’s the foundation of what we’re saying today – saying God created man and woman.”

FOX 16 News asked both sides if they feel their stance represents how most people in the state feel. Both said yes.

Gibson said he is also encouraging more Christians to stand up for their beliefs and speak out boldly as well.