CONWAY, Ark. – A true labor of love is presented to the public as a Conway author shares his family’s story of heartbreak and resilience.

Ronnie Williams held a book signing in Conway Saturday for his newest book “Markham Street” the book discussed the death of his brother in police custody more than 60 years ago.

He also details his parents’ devotion to their children and their decades long quest for racial justice, 20 year old veteran Marvin Williams died at the age of 20 while in police custody.

“We have to work to prevent those kid of things from happening in the future,” Williams said. “So that’s part of the takeaway that I hope people will have when they read the book.”

Ronnie Williams recently retired after 30 years of work at the University of Central Arkansas where he served as assistant dean of students and director of minority affairs the student center is named in his honor.