CONWAY, Ark. — Conway community members continue to search for a missing junior high student who has not been seen or heard from in more than two weeks.

Tanvi Marupally, 14, was last spotted Jan. 17 walking past the bus stop toward Davis Street. 

“What are we going to do?” Sridevi Edara, Marupally’s mother said. “Where is she going to stay? What happened to her?”

A group that formed on Facebook, formed small search committees committed to looking for Marupally.

Jeremy Chrysler’s daughter is a classmate of Marupally’s, and he is now looking in wooded areas near the interstate. He and several others searched other areas near where she was last seen.

“We’re trying to identify cameras that may have seen her just so if anybody can check and see those, I think that’s a critical part,” Chrysler said.

Chrysler said he and his daughter spoke about Marupally the night before, calling her a high-achieving student. He said looking at this situation from a father’s perspective makes it even more important to find out what happened.

“It just would be hard to think of anything else,” Chrysler said. “Your life is on hold.”

Chrysler said local authorities should hold a press conference to get Marupally’s name out there, and he said law enforcement should use aerial capabilities to scan wooded areas.

“Having that coordination would make a really big difference,” Chrysler said.

Chrysler said he hopes Marupally knows people are searching for her.