CONWAY, Ark – A Conway cyclist is back in the saddle just a few months after what he says was the worst accident of his life.

Terry Coddington recently competed and placed and a U.S. mountain biking competition, conquering more than just a tough course.

8 months ago, Terry Coddington was in a biking accident.

“I don’t remember much of it,” said Coddington.

The cyclist says the last thing he remembers was riding down a hill and then crashing into an embankment.

“The back end of the bike kind of just stepped out,” said Coddington. “I hit the other side of the embankment and just came to a sudden stop.”

Coddington spent a week in ICU and even longer in recovery.

“I fractured my C7, broke all my ribs, punctured a lung, and broke my right collarbone,” said Coddington.

Standing up was hard enough and biking, doctors said was out of the question.

“In my head, that was kind of non-negotiable like I was going to bike again,” said Coddington.

Coddington says it was nothing short of a miracle. Three months went by and he was turning gears once again.

“If you want something, you have to keep working to get it.”

Coddington says he was on the fence about competing too soon but took a second look at the bigger picture.

“What message would I be sending if I didn’t go race,” said Coddington.

He buckled in and rode, leaving behind a single message in the tire tracks.

“Perseverance. Don’t give up, you can’t give up,” said Coddington.

Coddington says the race was his first since the accident. He rode 15 miles each day.

Coddington says he is looking forward to more races in the coming months and enjoying the sport he loves.