LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – All hands on deck, scrapping, sweeping, and painting as Edwin Alvarez and family have been hard at work repairing what’s left of their home on Aztec Road in Conway.

On Monday, May 8, their home caught fire after Alvares’ truck burst into flames.

He had left for work and that is when Alvares says his “two sisters called me told me that the hood was catching on fire.”

What remains is still home for this family. They’re from Puebla, Mexico, and funds are low, so they can’t afford a hotel.

“We actually had to sleep with the windows up because of the smoke and breathing all the smoke in,” Alvarez said.

It’s two by four’s that now cover what’s left on the side of the house as the front door is gone.

“We do have precious things that are here are we don’t want anyone to come and rob us,” Alvarez said.

And no power means no hot home-cooked meals.

Alvarez said “All the stuff that we had in the fridge got ruined,” along with thousands of dollars worth of tools that Edwin uses for his passion, cars.

Aside from his job at a local market, he makes extra money working on cars to help support his family, but now that income is gone.

“I can get those tools back, but I got to keep working. I’ll get there eventually.” Alvarez said.

But what matters most to Edwin is family. 

He says he is glad that his sisters and family are fine, and he is blessed to have so many people have their back during this situation because ” it’s been rough.”

Alvarez says his family has a long road ahead, but they aren’t going to let this stop their joy.

Friday, his sister graduated from Vilonia High School, and he graduates from the University of Arkansas Community College – Morrilton on May 20.

If you’d like to help the Alvares family in their recovery efforts, a GoFundMe account has been set up.