CONWAY, Ark – The City of Conway is opening its wallet to expand its bike trail system. 

The city was awarded a $150,000 grant from AR-DOT to build a bike and pedestrian lane along college avenue. 

The street runs perpendicular to the trail along Tucker creek. Cyclists say they rarely turn down college avenue. 

“There are some roads you just don’t ride on as a cyclist,” cyclist Terry Coddington said. “Even though the lights are flashing that doesn’t necessarily mean the cars are going to stop.” 

Right now the street does not have a bike lane. 

“College avenue has been a big component and also a big goal of ours for quite some time,” said Bobby Kelly with the City of Conway. “We’re in the middle of commercial areas and residential areas. College Avenue is a major arterial in town that connects people to a lot of things they need to.” 

The bike lane will run along the street from Farris Road to Salem Road, carving out about 12 feet in width. 

The city says its hope is that the project will encourage more to leave the keys at home. 

“We see a future where no matter where you fall on the socioeconomic scale, no matter where you live, you’ve got options when it comes to transportation,” Kelly said. 

Conway officials say this is the first project in a long list to connect the city of Conway. 

Kelly says project plans are still being finalized. It’s expected to be open by next year.