CONWAY, Ark – City leaders are working to fix a growing flooding problem in one of the city’s three major problem areas.

“There are three main areas where we pre-station barricades,” said Bobby Kelly with the City of Conway. “We’re talking downtown Conway, South German Lane, and right here on Nutters Chapel Road.”

Crews have begun work on Nutters Chapel Road to expand what the city says is an outdated drainage system.

“This particular drainage structure has three sections to it one section is larger than what the old one was,” said Conway Street Director Jacob Reynolds.

Reynolds says crews are designing the structure like a bridge, so cars can drive over the top of it while water flows beneath.

“Were hoping that things get significantly better once this is done,” said Reynolds.

Neighbors say the road has been flooding for years.

“My father talked about getting the country doctor and carrying him through the flood to help deliver a baby in the next house over,” said neighbor Sarah Thornton.

Thornton’s family has lived in the area for decades.

She says she is thankful something is finally being done to fix a long-standing roadblock.

“Folks have been complaining about this for some time, so why not fix one of the three bottlenecks,” said Thornton.

The project is expected to be completed in the next two months.