Couple finds almost century-old bible, looking for owner

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HOT SPRING COUNTY, Ark. – When a Hot Spring County couple came across an almost century old Bible, they found more than the word of God. Inside the book is a piece of someone’s family history. Now, the couple is hoping to return it to its rightful owner.

When Sandra Joiner and Glen Sipe stumbled across a decades old Bible, little did they know what would be inside the faded cover.

“It has beautiful pictures in it. Very good shape,” Joiner said.

“That’s his story and how everything got to be,” Sipe said.

Mixed between the vibrant drawings and sacred scriptures was a bookmark placed on the first page of someone else’s story. It was a marriage certificate between Jack Russell Williams and Vada Naoma Albright dating back to the 1930’s.

“They were married on the 23rd of September in Benton Arkansas 1933. Reverend Brown, Baptist minister. I just get the chills. It’s just amazing. Right now I have the chills,” Joiner said.

Immediately when they saw that page, they knew the heirloom wasn’t theirs to keep.

“It doesn’t belong with us or anyone else. It belongs to someone that loves them and they can cherish this forever,” Joiner said.

Praying for divine intervention, they are looking forward to the day they can hand the Bible off to descendants of the original owners.

“It would be a blessing for them and for me to be able to find them,” Sipe said.

If you know any family members of Jack Williams or Vada Albright you can contact Sandra Joiner at (501) 732-1463.

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