COVID-19 spreading quickly in the prison systems

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LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — Panic in the prison system as COVID-19 begins to quickly spread.

We spoke with the family of an inmate at a facility that has more than 3 dozen positive cases and possibly more to come.

“They don’t want to die in there. They don’t know what’s going on,” said Lisa Mitchell the mother of an inmate.

Overwhelmed with fear and emotion.

“I mean it’s just very nerve-racking and it’s killing me. There is nothing I can do,” said Mitchell.

Mitchell tells us over FaceTime her son is serving six months here at The central Arkansas community correction center in Little Rock, one of the state prison facilities with multiple cases of COVID-19.

“The state facilities have been a total of six percent of our total cases,” said Doctor Nate Smith from the Arkansas Department of Health.

Dr. Smith in Tuesday’s daily update noting that 44 staff members & inmates at Lisa’s son’s facility have tested positive for having the virus.

“We have a plan to test all of those inmates that is a small number so we are planning on testing all of them,” said Dr. Smith.

Her son confirming via a phone call that he has been tested and given a mask, but he is still sharing multiple concerns about being in a high spread environment.

Mitchell asking her son questions, “are they giving you another to sanitize the phones with.”

With only one more month to go on his sentence, Lisa & her son’s grandmother hopes more precautions will be taken to stop the spread. (Anita Daniel, grandmother)

“He made a mistake but he is still a person,” said Anita Daniel the inmates grandmother.

Dr. Nate Smith said 10% of our COVID-19 cases have come from our federal & state prisons, and they are working on controlling the spread.

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