JEFFERSON Co., Ark. — Crews continue to monitor two fires that consumed hundreds of acres in forest land since Monday afternoon. The main concern is wind, said the State Forester of Arkansas.

“We’re in pretty good shape except for this wind,” said Joe Fox, the Director of the Arkansas Dept. of Agriculture’s Forestry Division.

The first fire started near Highway 54 in Jefferson Co. on Monday afternoon. While being contained, an ember lept more than two miles away in a northerly direction, Fox said.

“Probably, this fire right here is in excess of 500 acres,” Fox said. “Probably, the fire that came from this one north of here is 200 acres.”

Fox said nobody has been reported injured, and no property has been reported damaged. A few homes were evacuated Monday, but a rural fire crew saved one home from burning.

“We need them,” Fox said. “They protect the structures. We take care of the wildfire and the woods.”

Fox said crews will monitor the forest to make sure no wind-sailed embers go to other areas and cause another fire. He said people need to look out for smoke and tell authorities if they spot it.