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Current Results for Special Elections across the State

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. - Tonight Republican primary voters are picking candidates for a handful of special elections for open seats in the state legislature. Updated as of 10:30 p.m.

Final results were close in Senate District 16 tonight. In the district covering Russellville and several neighboring counties, Breanne Davis and Robert "Bob" Bailey will advance to a runoff election after the final vote count showed a two percent margin. Breakdown of the final vote count: Robert "Bob Bailey - 41.37% - 2,323 votes; Breanne Davis - 43.42% - 2438 votes; Luke Heffley - 15.21% - 854 votes. 5,615 total votes counted. 

With 2,482 votes counted in Senate District 29, the Cabot area, Ricky Hill has won the special election. Final numbers: Jim Coy - 43.47%- 1,079 votes; Ricky Hill- 56.53%- 1,403 votes.

Ricky Hill will face Democrat Steven McNeely in a special election. Eddie Joe Williams recently held the seat, but now works in the Trump Administration. 

And in House District 83, an area of Northern Arkansas, Donald Ragland has won the special election. Current numbers: J. Donald Ragland- 53.97%- 1,279 votes; Timmy Reid- 46.03%- 1,091 votes. 1,091 total votes counted. 

No Democrats are running in this election. 

David Branscum held the seat, but left to take a job in the U.S. Department of Agriculture. 

In the Lake Hamilton area in Garland County, early and absentee voters say yes to requiring landowners to pay dues that will fund the area's volunteer fire department. 

As of 8:30 p.m. 469 votes have been counted so far with 356 for (75.91%) and 113 against (24.09%). (97 early votes, 369 Election Day votes, 3 Absentee) 

Right not those dues are voluntary. The fire department's director says that combined with forced annexation have impacted their funding. 

We will keep you updated with the latest results as the votes are counted.

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