GARLAND COUNTY, Ark.  – In the midst of a medical emergency eyes shift to the professionals or adults for help, but down the halls of Cutter Morning Star High School, an unlikely set of hands is taking the reins.

“We all just finished up lunch, and we were all headed back to the classroom so we could start up 6th period,” Cutter Morning Star High School senior Jock Simpson said.

Simpson sat down with FOX 16 News Monday, replaying the moments of days prior when the pause button was hit on a normal school day.

“You can kind of feel them coming on,” said Cutter Morning Star High School teacher Anna Gray.

At the beginning of each year, Gray tells her students that she suffers from pseudo-seizures.

The seizures are usually brought on by stress and anxiety, and Gray said telling her students is more just to keep them aware. She never thought she would be looking to them for help.

“It wasn’t until she fully stopped and leaned against the wall that I realized something was wrong,” Simpson said.

On the way back to class, Simpson said he noticed Gray walking slowly and said she started to feel dizzy.

The teacher suddenly realized she was going to be caught in the midst of a nightmare, the seizure had started.

“He took my stuff, and I just went to the floor,” Gray said. 

“I was comforting her telling her everything was going to be alright; we have help coming soon,” Simpson said.

At just 17 years old, Simpson jumped into action.

“I was getting the medical bag undone that way we could have everything ready for when the nurse gets there,” Simpson said.

Within minutes another teacher and the school nurse came to Gray’s rescue, but Simpson stayed by his teacher’s side.

“It’s not necessarily having the right words, it’s just being there,” Gray said.

“Students were just watching, just wondering what’s happening, and he didn’t miss a beat,” teacher Donna Phillips said.

Days later, Simpson and Gray walk side by side, knowing now both are ready for the unexpected.

“I was just trying to do what I could do,” Simpson said.

Simpson had some previous medical training from working as a lifeguard but said this experience has inspired him to study medicine in the future.