DANVILLE, Ark. – The Danville community is mourning the lives of an elementary school teacher and her son after they were killed in a car crash on Highway 154.

If you need a perfect example of Danville school spirit, Superintendent Gregg Grant will tell you to look no further than Kayla Morris.

“Mom and sister and aunts went to school here Kayla was a member of the Little John basketball team, Lady Little Johns and was a cheerleader here,” Grant said.

Passing that love from the court to the classroom, she became a kindergarten teacher for her alma matter.

“That pride in her school, in her community and in her church means so much and she just made such a positive difference in the lives of so many,” Grant said.

He said her biggest lesson to her students, came from across the street where she spent every Sunday.

“Thats how she taught her kids with love first,” Grant said.

Her son Landry, even as a fifth grader had that same impact.

“Joyous little fifth grade boy whose smile would just light up a room,” Grant said.

Now, this district is grieving the loss of a mother and son.

“It’s devastating,” Grant said.

This week, reading and writing will take a back seat.

“To do what teachers do. They loved kids today,” Grant said.

All who walk through the halls will help each other heal.

“Through prayer and through support we’re going to pull through this and I think that’s what Kayla would be most proud of today,” Grant said.

Dardanelle School District sent over counselors to provide support for students and staff. Danville

First Baptist Church has a memorial fund for the family. You can donate by visiting HERE and selecting “Give”.