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Danville PD: 2 Students Arrested For Vandalism That Created Fear

YELL COUNTY, Ark.-- Weekend Vandalism at a Yell County high school stirred anxiety and increased security measures for Monday. 

Just after 10 p.m. Sunday night we learned from Danville Police 2 students were arrested in connection with the vandalism at the high school's football field house this weekend. 

We met with Danville Schools' superintendent Gregg Grant late Sunday afternoon. 

He told us officers from multiple law enforcement agencies around Yell Co. plan to patrol Campus Monday. 

Grant showed us text messages on his phone, "These are the two notifications we sent out to parents."

He met us outside the place many small towns consider almost sacred- the high school football field house. But it was not for any reason he wants. 

"We're gonna start tomorrow (Monday) off with the pledge of allegiance and we are going to say under God. We're going to start tomorrow off with a moment of silence and if our students want to break out into the Lord's prayer I'm not gonna stop them," Grant said. 

He won't let the vandalism that stirred anxieties cancel classes Monday. If it's up to him he also won't let anyone get away with it. 

Grant said, "I've been assured that we're going to have additional law enforcement on campus."

The district is offering a $500 reward to anyone who helps police find the two people who drew swastikas, cursed the school and the system, and even wished death on someone. 

Danville Police Chief Rick Padgett said, "Obviously something that we take very seriously."

He explained even though no direct threat was made, officers will treat it like one until they find the 2 suspects and uncover their motives. 

Padgett said, "Actually happened Friday night between 11:30 and midnight on Friday night."

Since the school and police found out about it Sunday, it's been non-stop investigating and planning. 

"I'm very appreciative of the Danville police department the Yell County Sheriff's office and our local state troopers that have volunteered to be on campus in the morning and as needed," Grant told us. 

While the district finished covering up the spray paint for the most part on Sunday, the superintendent said the school plans to talk with students Monday to ease fears. 

The chief of police said, "I feel like where we're doing all we can. {...} I'm sending my child to school there so I feel good about it. But we will be there in the higher presence and hopefully calm some fears."

Police said two boys who are students at the school were arrested for criminal mischief. The chief said once the investigation is turned over to the prosecutor's office the prosecutor will decide if the two will be charged with terroristic threatening and criminal mischief. 

The names of the students arrested were not released. 

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