Dashcam captures State Representative candidate Roderick Talley’s arrest

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HOPE, Ark.- Dashcam footage captures a traffic stop involving Roderick Talley, who’s running for State Representative and is also at the center of Little Rock’s “No knock” search warrant controversy.

Arkansas State Police arrested Talley in the city of Hope in June.

Talley drove up on another traffic stop, then used his cell phone to record it.

A few moments later, state police start to question Talley.

“Hello, what’s going?” the state trooper asks.

“I’m running for State Representative,” Talley replies.

Talley, who’s running for District 36 in Little Rock, says he saw the trooper pull another man over and wanted to film the interaction.

“I know how traffic stops can go bad,” Talley says.

“Ok, do you have your driver’s license and proof of insurance?” the state trooper asks. “You’re parked on a public roadway right now illegally.”

After several moments of asking for a driver’s license, Talley is put in handcuffs.

“I have not broken any laws,” says Talley.

“The way you’re acting right now, you are being detained,” the state trooper replies. “Now listen, dude. Now listen, dude. Do you want to identify yourself or not?”

“My name is Roderick Talley,” the State Representative candidate says.

Talley mentions his campaign run several times with law enforcement.

“I’m about to be State Representative, so I hope you be sure about what you’re doing,” Talley says as he is escorted to the cruiser. “I’ll be State Representative August 6. That is when the election is. If you want to know who I am, Google me. Roderick Talley. Look me up.”

While in the car, Talley says, “My auntie is on the City Board. I’m going to eat this up.”

“Ok,” the trooper replies.

“What you’re doing is illegal,” Talley tells the trooper.

You can hear Talley express frustration with his arrest.

“Sir, I have not violated any laws, and I don’t feel safe being in the back of this cruiser,” says Talley.

The dashcam appears to show Talley not cooperating with the state trooper and using foul language toward them while threatening a lawsuit.

“You like violating black people’s rights,” Talley tells the trooper. “I’m tired of you racist piece of s— cops, man. Behind the badge, when you take that badge off, you’re a coward.”

Talley was booked into jail on driving on a suspended license, impeding traffic and obstruction.

We reached out to Talley on Thursday. He did not respond to our message. His lawyer who has represented him in the federal no-knock warrant case didn’t want to comment.

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