LITTLE ROCK,Ark.–A day care worker has lost her job after a child accused her of putting tape over his mouth.

The Department of Human Services confirms it has an open licensing investigation into the Methodist Child Development Center in downtown Little Rock.

DHS, however, revealed that the Center is not at risk of losing its license.

According to a licensure investigation report, the incident was self-reported by the Center on West Eighth Street.

DHS received the report Tuesday (9/6) that a child had told his parents that a teacher put tape over his mouth.

According to the report, initial corrective action included required direct supervision of the employee. DHS confirmed Thursday however, the Center’s Director notified them that the employee was fired, a move not required by DHS.

“It’s being treated as an incident that needs to be looked into quickly and rectified as quickly as possible, and I think we’re definitely on track to do that,” said Brandi Hinkle, Deputy Chief of Communications for DHS.

These type of investigations can take up to 30 days to complete.

While its investigation is independent of any other factors, DHS shared that this center has a sterling record, and there aren’t similar or continuous complaints. However, it says investigation outcomes are independent of other factors.

The Center’s Director had no comment.

Some parents we talked to Thursday were surprised to hear about the incident but say these allegations against one former employee don’t represent the center itself.

“It’s an uneasy feeling, but I feel really good about who is taking care of my child,” said Jennifer Kilmore, a parent of a child at the Center. “I wouldn’t hold that against the entire facility.”