LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – At least two workers have been fired from a Little Rock daycare following allegations of an employee giving children melatonin at nap time, according to the daycare’s executive director.

It happened at Full Potential Child Development Center on Interstate 30 in southwest Little Rock.

The daycare’s executive director says two workers were fired the same day the allegations were made, and a report was also filed with the Child Abuse Hotline.

DHS confirms that Full Potential Child Development Center self-reported the incident.

“We thought it was a pretty good establishment,” Kerri Miller says.

Miller says the daycare’s executive director called him to let him know his 2-year-old son was given melatonin by an employee at the daycare.

“We’re a good family. We don’t abuse our kids,” Miller says.

“The last thing we want is for someone else to abuse our kids.”

Miller says two of his children still go to the daycare while the family searches for a new option that fits their budget.

The executive director at Full Potential Child Development Center released the following statement, detailing what happened:

“A staff member reported she witnessed another worker give out children’s melatonin gummies to children in a classroom prior to nap on one occasion. Management immediately investigated and the staff member accused denied the allegation, stating she had only given out candy. A search of the room did not turn up evidence of melatonin. Another staff member that worked in that classroom, when interviewed, denied she was involved but stated it did happen on one occasion. The staff member who allegedly gave out the gummies and the staff member who initially failed to report the incident were both terminated on the same day the incident was reported. Management reported the incident to the child abuse hotline, to the company’s child care licensing agency, and all parents of children in that classroom were contacted and informed of the incident.”

Meanwhile, Miller hopes other parents take steps toward ensuring their child is safe when others are caring for them.

“If somebody’s sneaking that in or bringing that in, who knows what else?” Miller says.

“They may have passed a background check, but you never truly know what’s in their hearts.”

According to DHS records, Full Potential Child Development Center was cited for five violations the last time DHS did an on-site visit, which was June of 2018.

Some of the violations include not keeping medicine out of reach of children and storing chemicals or toxins in food areas.