NORTH LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Students at North Little Rock High School are finally back on campus after a bat issue inside the building. Though dead bats were confirmed to have been found throughout the school once they got back.

You might remember last week, Superintendent Dr. Gregory Pilewski held a press conference and said the issue should be resolved over the weekend. Students came back to school on Monday.

This photo of a dead bat on campus was sent to us by a viewer.

Afterwards, a spokesperson for the district confirmed four dead bats were found on campus Monday.

“This message is to inform you that, at this point, no live bats have been seen or captured at the North Little Rock High School/Center of Excellence.  We thank the ongoing efforts of our professional exterminators and our Maintenance Department for helping us through this issue.

We also want to share that, earlier this morning, four dead bats were recovered. One was located in the Family and Consumer Sciences (FACS) suite.  The other three were found in hallways.  As a safety precaution, we have relocated students currently taking FACS courses so that the suite can be professionally cleaned as soon as possible. The areas in the hallways where dead bats were found will be thoroughly sanitized.”

We tried to talk to students or parents after school Monday, though one informed our crew that they had been advised to not talk to media.

Meantime, an employee with Arkansas Wildlife Removal said the main concern is if students come into contact with the bats themselves or feces, and unfortunately if four were found on campus Monday, there are probably more still to be found in the building. He added that this warm weather we are experiencing now is what is bringing them out.

The superintendent said Friday one student had been confirmed to have been scratched by a bat, but the student received treatment from the Arkansas Department of Health. There were no other updates on his/her condition.

According to the Arkansas Department of Health, less than 1% of bats carry rabies, but you can get it through a bite or a scratch, and once symptoms do show up, it’s nearly 100% fatal. So, it is crucial to get ahead of it before symptoms arise.