LITTLE ROCK, Ark – Protestors in Little Rock gathered on the steps of the State Capitol Saturday afternoon preaching the message of choice.

Abortion rights have been top of mind for many Arkansans after a leaked draft document sharing the Supreme Courts plan to overturn Roe V. Wade sparked debate around the country.

“I just don’t understand why [Roe v. Wade] has to be touched,” said protestor Megan McNulty.

McNulty joined hundreds of other protestors Saturday as they rallied for the right to chose whether or not they want an abortion.

In 2019, Arkansas passed what’s called a trigger law, which means if Roe v. Wade is overturned abortion would immediately become illegal in the state.

“They’re not considering the life of the child, they’re not considering the life of those parents that are having the child,” said protestor Michelle Wilson.

Some state lawmakers say the possible decision is long overdue.

“I almost cried,” said Arkansas State Representative Mary Bentley.

Bentley worked alongside AR State Senator Jason Rapert to get the trigger law passed.

“[Abortion] is a crime against humanity,” said Rapert. “We have laws that punish people for harming kittens or little puppies, but yet you can kill a baby?”

Some state lawmakers say a child has a right to live, stressing other options for expecting mothers.

“My collogues are working more to make adoption easier,” said Bentley.

Protestors say the foster care system is already overrun.

“Why in the world would we go clog up a whole entire system that’s already broken?” said Wilson.

Both sides have strong opinions, but both agree voting is a way to make those voices heard.

Protestors at the rally said they want to consider what happens if Roe v. Wade is overturned. Some are calling on people to donate to organizations who support abortions, so women who want them, can travel to another state and get them safely.