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Despite No Home Field Advantage, McClellan Football Is Going To State

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. - Throughout the entire football season McClellan has had to have all away games because of poor field conditions. 

Despite those odds, the football team is competing in a much anticipated state championship game Saturday and the students are succeeding. 

The 2016-2017 high school football season for the McClellan Lions may be different than what most teams experience, but player Tommy Crumpton says it doesn't make the drive any different. 

“As far as playing football, you just have to play,” Crumpton said. 

Because of poor field conditions, all 13 football games have been away games. 

“That's been our motto, where ever we go, that's our home,” Crumpton said. 

He says going to the state championship is more than just for his team or his school, it's about his community and sending a message. 

“It’s all about defeating that stigma that we're all a bunch of thugs,” Crumpton said. 

“We're kind of like the underdogs. People don't expect us to be top of anything. Now that we're going to the championship, it proves a lot,” senior Zyaire Love said. 

Kenneth Thompson, the school resource officer, says these students have beaten the odds.

“The kids, I see them striving day by day. Not only on the field, but also in the classroom,” Thompson said. 

Other LRSD schools are showing support for the Crimson Lions. 

“Coverdale, Geyer Springs Elementary, Baseline Elementary, they are all rallying behind us,” Crumpton said. 

Community members are too.

“It's important that they see we are rooting them on all the way,” said Derick Brooks. “Just to have that winning spirit back in southwest Little Rock is very exciting.” 

It may be more than just a game, but McClellan students say despite the outcome they’re still winners.

“Who you are off the field is way more important than who you are on the field,” Crumpton said. 

McClellan plays PA at War Memorial Saturday night at 6:30.

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