An overnight house fire in DeValls Bluff destroys the mayor’s home. 

 “We don’t have fires too often around here in DeValls Bluff.” 

It was a rare phone call Police Chief Charles Atkins received around 3 Wednesday morning, saying there was a house fire in DeValls Bluff. 

“In fact, I got in such a hurry, I almost come out the door trying to run,” Chief Atkins said.  

A pace he says he’d have for anyone in this town, especially his best friend and mayor, Kenny Anderson. 

“He and I are like brothers,” Atkins said. 

Where ash now settles, flames once burned. 

The mayor wasn’t home at the time of the fire and Atkins spent the morning trying to contact him. 

 “Up in the hills you can’t receive phone calls but you can receive text messages.”

And that’s how the mayor found out about his destroyed home. He had a two hour drive back into town knowing his home was no longer there. 

 “I spoke with him the entire time driving to make sure that he got here safe because I know he’s a really emotional person,” Atkins said.  

 “He lost everything. He lost things in that house that his mother had left in that house.” 

Though no foul play is suspected, U.S Fire Marshal will investigate Thursday morning. 

The results Atkins hopes will close this case, and help Mayor Anderson start over. 

“We’re just a town that’s full of love and we try to be there for each other.”