Digital Original: New evidence says your pup is communicating with their eyes

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LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Puppy-dog eyes. 
If you’re a dog owner you’ve probably already have been a victim to that irresistible canine gaze. 

The sad slanted eyes just looking up begging for attention. 

New evidence released today in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences found that domesticated dogs’ faces have evolved over time allowing them the ability to have facial expressions. 

Dr. Bill Miller, a  veterinary ophthalmologist at Arkansas Veterinary Emergency & Specialists in Little Rock, says what dogs have is not facial expressions but character. 

“That’s not saying that dogs don’t have personalities because they all do,” explains Dr. Miller. “I think we’re giving more human characteristics to our dog than they actually have.” 

The evidence suggested that these facial expressions referred to as “adopt me eyes”, were the first biological evidence scientists have found that domesticated dogs might have evolved this muscle in their face to better communicate with humans.

“Dogs are certainly changing,” says Dr. Miller. “There are more breeds now than we are used too. Matter of fact there is a new designer breed just about every day coming out.” 

Dr. Miller has been a veterinary for more than 30 plus years. Helping care for animals all over Arkansas. 

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