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LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Statistics show a tow truck driver dies every six days and since January 1 more than 29 tow truck drivers have been killed. 

“This isn’t right and something needs to be down about it,” says Tim Moody, manager at J Hook Towing and Recovery & member of The Foundation for Responsible Towing. 

Moody says 70 percent of drivers do not know about the state’s “Move Over Law.” A law that requires drivers approaching emergency vehicles displaying flashing lights to move to the farthest lane from that vehicle, if the driver is traveling in the same direction. 

“They got to recognize blue, amber, and red lights,” says Moody. “Very important when you see them slow down or move over.”  

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration tries to raise awareness of Move Over laws especially during high traffic times or busy holiday weekends. 

“Just the other day one of my drivers got out of his wrecker with his air hose and a pickup came by hit his air hose and yanked it out of his hand,” explains Moody. 

Moody says it’s instances like these that are raising the death rate for all first responders, including police, fire, ambulance and tow truck drivers. 

The Foundation for Responsible Towing is helping to cover the cost of funeral services for truck drivers that have lost their lives while assisting on the road. 

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