Dogs attack woman; same owner cited multiple times before

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SALINE COUNTY, Ark. — A pack of dogs attack again. Now the owner is facing an aggravated assault charge. 

Neighbors say the dogs that live with the Saline County woman are aggressive, have killed other animals and attacked multiple people.

Saline County does not have a leash law and when dogs are in packs they can get protective and aggressive, so attacks can be chalked up as accidents. 

In the past, the owner of the dogs has been cited, but witnesses say this attack comes with intent by the owner to do harm. 

With only a fence as protection against the dogs, a property filled with trailers and RVs needed a handy man, and Gerald Cupp needed a job. 

“She worked me for 18 days without a day off,” Cupp said about his boss. 

He says working for Kim Miller had little pay off. 

“Last two times I worked for her, I come home with 6 dollars,” he said. 

To help with the cost, he and his girlfriend were offered by Miller to move into one of the trailers next to her house where the dogs lived. She said she’d even drive them there. 

But Cupp says they got in an argument while they were packing up their things into Miller’s truck. 

“She threw it in reverse and backed up out of here and then took off and refused to let us out of the vehicle,” Cupp said. 

Cupp says she drove all the way to her house about 15 minutes away and when they arrived Miller went inside and got a gun. The couple tried to call 911 but didn’t have cell service. 

“She was going like this through the window of the truck and trying to hit me with the pistol and I just kept blocking my arm up like that,” Cupp said describing how she was hitting him. 

He says Miller went back inside until she saw the girlfriend running down the road. 

“That’s when Kim came back out, released her dogs and said ‘get her’,” Cupp said. 

She has two bites on her back, is in a lot of pain, but ultimately will recover. 

This comes after another woman was nearly mauled to death by dogs that also lived in Miller’s house last summer. 

Four of them were put down and Miller was cited. 

 “She should not be allowed any animals,” Cupp said.  

This time Miller was arrested and faces an aggravated assault charge. 

What will happen to the about 10 dogs still in her care is still unknown. 

The couple also lost all of their belongings since they were in Miller’s car. 

We’ve learned Miller has bonded out but more charges could be coming. 

The sheriff’s office was unable to comment on the case since the report was not yet ready. 

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