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Donna Terrell Suffers With Double-Vision; Diagnosed With 6th Nerve Palsy

LITTLE ROCK, Ark.- "It was one of the scariest moments of my life when out of nowhere my vision went from normal to seeing double," says Donna Terrell. "I thought it would go away but after it didn't, I went to the emergency room. After that, I was sent to a neuro-ophthalmologist and diagnosed with 6th Nerve Palsy."

"The 6th nerve moves the eye from the center that way and from the center this way. So when you have 6th Nerve Palsy you can't get the eye to go temporally," explains Dr. Jennifer Doyle with the Little Rock Eye Clinic.

"I eventually had an MRI to rule out potential causes," Donna continues.

"I'm going to rule out the bad scary things. I'm going to rule out the brain tumors and strokes and multiple sclerosis and mycnegavis. I'm gonna rule out these really bad things," Dr. Doyle tells her.

"To me it's just embarrassing," says Lennie Beard. The Arkadelphia man knows all about 6th Nerve Palsy. Over the years he tells Donna his "turned eye" has become more and more noticeable.

"If I meet someone new, my eye is turned in and I don't know, it just bothers me," he says.

Donna had to get prisms placed in her glasses to help her see so that she could drive and read the teleprompter at work.

Lennie knows all about that too.

"They got as much prisms as they can put in them. Can't add any more to them," he tells Donna.

As he sits and watches television, he holds his head to one side.

"I have trouble with my neck and my right shoulder because I always got my head turned." he continues. "I have to turn to the left to see you without seeing double."

After two failed surgeries, Lennie has hope. Dr. Doyle is going to try a different approach.

"He's had left and right eye muscle surgery to move the eye over but he hasn't had any up and down muscles. So we're going take the up and down muscles and move them over," the doctor explains.

As for Donna, she says the condition could return since doctors couldn't find what caused it. 

As for Lennie Beard, the surgery worked. His eye is straight, but it's going to take a few more weeks for his vision to improve. 

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