Dover school district reports 2 COVID cases, 7 others quarantined

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DOVER, Ark. — New tonight, as schools prepare to re-open in Pope County, one small town is dealing with some of the staff in quarantine right before classes start.

Two positive cases have been reported in Dover.

As the summer days fly by, the time for school is almost here. Tonight we spoke with parents. Many of them say a sense of normalcy is the goal but will it be a reality as kids head back to school is the question.

“Everybody wants normal, the kids want normal, I want normal,” said a parent.

Monday, the Dover Public School District announced they have two active COVID-19 cases among their staff, and 7 are currently in quarantine.

Parents who didn’t want to show their faces, reacted to the news.

“It made me even more scared, and I was wondering if I should change my mind and do virtual,” said a parent.

As we approach the first day of school, some parents say they’re ready.

“I feel like my kids will be safe. I feel like the school district will take the measures that are needed,” said a parent.

While other parents say they’re anxious.

“Very scared and nervous of course, as all parents are. It’s like you know, are they going to catch it? Bring it home? It’s scary,” said a parent.

In a statement, school officials say they are following the Arkansas Department of Health in order to prevent the spread, and their website lists all the precautions they are taking.

Over the weekend, Dr. Nate Henderson resigned from the Dover School Board. In a letter he wrote, “I don’t think with any safety measure we are capable of implementing in close quarters of our schools will be sufficient.”

In a statement, the school district superintendent says they “regretfully respect Dr. Henderson’s decision to step down as board member. He will remain a valuable member of our school/community partnership moving forward.”

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