LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Just outside the busy traffic of Main Street in Little Rock sits a quiet alleyway, a piece of muddy grass just waiting for its chance to shine.

Joshua Gates lives in the area and think’s the city’s newest “pocket park” is a great addition to the creative corridor.

“Well, I love the idea,” Gates said. “Anything they can do to beautify this area would be great.”

But it wouldn’t just be green. The Downtown Little Rock Partnership plans on making it the perfect outdoor gathering space just in time for spring.

“It’s going to have some string lights, it’s going to have outdoor seating, it’s going to have a big public art mural featuring local artists,” Ellen Lampe with the Downtown Little Rock Partnership explained.

The alleyway would also act as an art gallery, with new masterpieces adding to the many already on display.

Local residents are behind the effort to bring in art on a big scale.

“The murals I think are an excellent idea,” Little Rock resident Lora Rodgers said. “I see those all over town and they’re always an eye catcher.”

One sucessful urban revamp, Bakers Allery, can be found just steps away, and Lampe believes another partnership project that draws Arkansans outdoors in a time when fresh air is vital.

“Right now, we especially need those types of places around downtown,” she said.

While Little Rock eagerly awaits its newest gathering space, citizens are already pitching in with ideas for the park, a collaborative effort with community in mind.

The Downtown Little Rock Partnership is looking for 10 local artists to create that mural, which will be food themed and called “eat local, eat often.” To apply, visit