Doctor: Misusing gloves and masks are the same as not wearing them

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LITTLE ROCK, Ark.- During this pandemic, we are seeing more and more people wearing masks and gloves while in public but there’s more to it than just wearing the items.

“It’s important that if you are going to wear a mask to wear it effectively,” said Dr. Chad Rodgers, with the Arkansas Foundation for Medical Care.

As COVID-19 is spreading around the world, people are looking for ways to protect themselves while doing unavoidable tasks such as grocery shopping.

“I see a lot of people too walking around with the mask down below their nose and like I said it needs to cover their nose and mouth,” said Rodgers.

Dr. Chad Rodgers with the Arkansas Foundation for Medical Care said he has seen a lot of misuses when it comes to personal protective gear.

Dr. Rodgers said just wearing masks and gloves doesn’t help unless you are wearing them the correct way.

“You might as well not worn one, it defeats the whole goal,” said Rogers.

Dr. Rodgers said if you wear gloves to the grocery store but don’t change them before leaving or heading into a new store, you might as well not have worn them at all.

“I think gloves give you a false sense of security unfortunately because I’ve seen people out in public and they have their gloves on and their touching everything then if they touch their face or something else and transfer the virus, you know it’s still on the glove,” said Rodgers.

Dr. Rodgers said it’s more effective to just wash your hands or use hand sanitizer religiously.

The same goes for a mask. If you wear a mask into the grocery store and take it off in just one aisle, that’s the same as not wearing a mask the whole time.

“You want to put the mask on before you go out in public and you can take it off once you’re back in a safe space,” said Rodgers.

Dr. Rodgers said to wear a mask the entire time you are in public for it to be effective.

He also said it’s better to use hand sanitizer before and after the store rather than wearing gloves.

Gloves are only effective if you change them frequently and don’t cross contaminate.

Dr. Rodgers said using fabric masks or a bandanna is effective if you cannot get disposable masks.

He also advises to wash your fabric mask after every use.

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