Driver says hit-and-run damaged car on Highway 67/167

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A central Arkansas driver says he was left with $500 damage after another driver swerved and hit him in traffic then sped away.

“You know it’s significant damage to me,” the man says.

He wants to remain anonymous but hopes whoever hit him — is identified.

The man says it happened on Thursday evening as he was heading northbound on Highway 67/167 near Jacksonville.

He noticed a driver cross from the far right lane into the passing lane, essentially cutting him off.

“I honked and he sat in the middle lane and then he just swerved and hit me.” 

The driver then disappeared down the highway, the man says.

He says he called police and spoke with state police. He told them what happened over the phone but did not file anything in person.

He made a plea to whoever hit his car, which now is left with deep scratches and a loose hubcap:

“Just come forward and sort it out and sort it out the legal way.”

It’s a behind-the-wheel battle that this driver wants to steer clear from.

“People are ruthless.”

It’s unclear who hit the man’s car, but he says the suspected driver was in a white Toyota Tundra.

State police says they do not yet have a report on file for this incident.

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