DUMAS, Ark – March 19 is a day that many in Dumas said they will never forget. Guns went off at a car show, 27 were shot, six of those children, and one person died.

One year later, and many said they’re still shaken from those moments at the Hood-Nic car show.

“Definitely it shook everybody, but especially kids, that was the major part that really shook everybody up,” Steven Edwards, a man who attended the car show said.

Police said two people got into an argument at the Hood-Nic Car Show in Dumas, resulting in gunfire.

“I’m pretty sure there are kids that are terrified of the situation now,” Edward said.

Steven Edwards left the event last year 30 minutes before the gunman opened fire, but his daughter was still at the McDonalds right next to the parking lot.

“Just to get a call from her saying that they are up here shooting and you can hear it in her voice, people scrambling around,” Edward stated.

Edwards said despite the events of last year, he still went to the event this year, which occurred on Saturday.

He said this year wasn’t the same as years past.

“It changed everything last year, people’s minds weren’t in the right place,” Edwards said.

Although, Edwards said he hopes to see the event, which is aimed at promoting non-violence, continue in the future.

“The Hood-Nic has always been for the kids anyways, so that’s the main thing, we shouldn’t have to stop the event from something bad like that happening,” Edwards said.

Edwards also said everything was safe and smooth for the event yesterday.

Brandon Knight is scheduled to go to trial in connection to the case later this year.