DUMAS, Ark – A Dumas man is being hailed a hero for bringing a one-year-old to safety after shots ring out at a local car show.

27 people were shot, including several children at the Hood-Nic car show Saturday. One of the victims 23-year-old Cameron Schaffer was killed.

Jarryus Hampton says he was in Dumas Saturday celebrating at the Hood-Nic car show when fun quickly turned to chaos.

“It just happened so fast,” said Hampton.

Hampton says he and his friends heard gunshots and immediately took cover.

“It was like stepping on a pile of ants, there was people everywhere,” said Hampton. “I started thinking man, it couldn’t be true.”

Today one-year-old Angelo Ussery Junior, the youngest victim, is recovering at home, something made possible thanks to Hampton.

“If it was my child, I’d do the same thing,” said Hampton.

In the minutes that followed the shots, shell casings hit the floor, and Hampton’s eyes turned to Ussery who he says was laying on the ground beside him, shot.

“I just picked him up and carried him up to the highway,” said Hampton.

Hampton says his focus turned and the only thing that mattered at that moment was getting the child to safety.

“I was just holding him telling him it’s going to be ok, and I wasn’t going to leave him,” said Hampton.

Hampton says he had a police officer drive him and the child to the hospital where he stayed with the child for 20 minutes until his parents showed up.

“I shook their hand, gave them a hug, and I was going on about my day,” said Hampton.

Hampton says he did what was right and hopes as the days pass, the community can start to heal.

“I know it’s going to take time, but everything is going to get better,” said Hampton.

Our station reached out Friday to Ussery’s mother who declined to comment. We did speak to her on Monday. She told us then she was thankful both of her children were alive and for the continued support of the community.