LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – The temperatures are dropping, and heat is getting turned up, causing some concerns for Arkansans over power overload.

FOX 16 News spoke with Entergy Arkansas, as well as Electric Cooperatives of Arkansas on what this means.

“We are doing everything we can to prepare so that our equipment is ready, and our crews are ready,” Brandi Hinkle with Entergy said.

Rob Roedel with the Electric Cooperatives of Arkansas said they have been checking the equipment for months.

“We do year-round inspections of all of our lines and infrastructure, including all of our power plants to make sure everything can operate in extreme weather like we’re about to have,” Roedel said.

Both companies urge you to be cautious of your power usage, and make sure you don’t overload your circuit.

“Caution people to be careful about running all of your major appliances at once,” Hinkle said.

While both companies believe power shouldn’t cause any issues or outages, things can happen beyond their control, such as limbs falling.

“We do have crews on call 24/7, 365,” Roedel said.

Entergy said they will also have crews being sent out.

“Crews who are ready to work throughout the weekend and throughout the cold,” Hinkle said.

“Warm your hearts as well as your home this time of year and remember we’ll get through this extreme weather together,” Roedel said.