ENGLAND, Ark. — The Kroger Delta Division announced they will be closing three more Arkansas stores due to poor performance over the last decade.

“Just hate to see it go,” shopper, Gene Herring said. “It’s a landmark here.”

People who live in England said it’s sad to know their favorite and main grocery store in town is closing. 

The three locations that will be closed include the DeWitt store which employees 29 associates.

The England location employs 38 associates, and the Morrilton location employs 41 associates. It’s a lot of emotions for loyal shoppers in England, Arkansas.

“I just couldn’t believe it, because I always thought this Kroger would be here,” resident Rosetta Hart said. 

The DeWitt and Morrilton locations will both close on July 17. The England grocery store will close on July 31.

“Another Kroger, I don’t know where we will find one at. They’re shutting one down in Morrilton,” Herring said.

In a statement made by Victor Smith, president of Kroger Delta Division he said that every year they evaluate all the stores and judge them on their success in their community.

“Closing a store is a difficult decision that we take very seriously. This store’s low financial returns made it impossible to continue to operate while still upholding our low-price commitment to our customers,” Smith said.

“I’m here every day, I don’t just shop once a week,” Hart said. 

Now many don’t know where they will shop next.

“Until we get another store here, I will have to travel to Little Rock or North Little Rock,” Hart said. 

“We spend a lot of money and time coming over here from Stuttgart,” Herring said. 

Although there are dollar stores and a mom and pop shop, many shoppers said it won’t be the same.

“It served this community well, not only England but you have the surrounding communities that it served,” Hart said. “Everybody comes here, it’s convenient.”

Some said they will be lost without Kroger but they are positive about what the future will bring.

“It’s going to be alright, our Lord’s coming back to straighten out one day,” Herring said. 

As far as the employees it’s unclear what’s next for them. Between the three stores closing there were about 108 employees.